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Typical Applications

Ceramic Components  |  Refractory Ceramics

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Rheostat Bases/Cores
Heating Element Supports
Resistor Bases/Cores
Feed Through Insulators
Electric Range Bushings
Lighting Housings
Laboratory Equipment Fixtures
Electro-Mechanical Device Components
Ceramic Cuplocks/Washers
Kiln Lining Anchors
Ribbon Heating Element Supports
Specialist Kiln Furniture
Combustion Boats
Arc Sides
Gas Fired Cooking Radiants
Meter Sockets
Bus Bar Insulators
Ignitor Bushings
Molten Metal Temperature Probes
Metal Samplers
Terminal Block Insulators
Molten Metal Atomizing Nozzles
Glaze Sample Buttons
and more...

Ceramic Products for Investment Casting Molds

Pouring Cups
Mold Support Rods
Vent Plugs
Pour Cup Covers
Pouring Rings
and more...