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Global innovator of ceramic product solutions for investment casting foundries and OEM industries

Family-owned and operating continuously since 1952, Metsch manufactures consistent high quality consumable and product life cycle industrial ceramic products. We combine proven material technology with various molding methods to provide durable custom ceramic products with the performance capabilities to meet customer application requirements. Whether for one-time use or for the life of the product, Metsch engineered ceramics are sourced with 70 years application experience, are years long tested and can be trusted.

Our products

Investment Casting Foundry Process

Pre-formed consumable refractory shapes engineered to support the safe handling and successful pouring of the investment casting mold.

Ceramic Components (OEM)

Electric insulating and high temperature service ceramic components for OEM equipment/appliances, sub-assemblies and devices.

Use in a wide range of industries

Quality of Metsch products has been proven within last 70 years in many industries, tens of countries, hundreds of customers and thousands of applications around the globe.

Aerospace engine


Aircraft engine blades/vanes • Aircraft wing components

Industrial Gas Turbine

Power generation turbine blades/vanes • Industrial compressor steam turbine blades/vanes

Electrical Distribution Equipment

Arc surge protection devices • Terminal blocks • Feed through, stand-off and bus bar insulators


Orthopedic implants

Electric Resistance Heating

Heat treating furnace elements • Infra-red heating generators • Electric space heating furnaces • Industrial equipment heating elements

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