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Our products

At Metsch, we provide consistent high quality consumable and product life cycle industrial ceramic products for a wide variety of industries worldwide. Our know-how earned through 70 years of application experience, selection of time-tested materials and various molding methods allow us to design and deliver reliable, best-in-market value ceramic product solutions form fit to your requirement. See what we can do for you.

Ceramic Products for Investment Casting

Ceramic Pouring Cups

Ceramic pouring and filtering cups are used for investment casting technology. They are made of high quality ceramic materials and pressed at high pressure. They are fit for casting ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals and to withstand the most demanding conditions within superalloys casting for medical implant, IGT and aircraft industries.

Mold Support Rods

Metsch mold support rods are engineered to provide architectural support of the wax assembly during the shell investing process and of the shell itself during de-wax and mold pre-heating.

Vent Plugs

Metsch vent plugs are hard ceramic products used to plug wax vent holes molded on complex wax pattern assemblies to assist with the de-wax of the mold.


Ceramic Components

Electrical insulating and high temperature precision ceramic components for industrial equipment and appliance OEM’s, and for sub-assembly and device manufacturers. Custom design manufactured to customer design and application requirements. Durable ceramic components to last a product lifetime.