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Mullite Mold Support Rods

Metsch mold support rods are engineered to provide architectural support of the wax assembly during the shell investing process and of the shell itself during de-wax and mold pre-heating. Extruded of high grade mullite or high purity alumina (for higher operating temperature capability), Metsch mold support rods are thermally compatible with most shell systems and all Metsch pouring cup materials to avoid cracking of the shell or pouring cup due to a thermal expansion mis-match. Metsch mold support rods are available in various profile shapes: round, half-round, square and rectangle Thousand Series line of mold support rod is available. Each profile shape is available in multiple profile sizes. All Metsch mold support rods are cut to length in the “green” state before firing to provide a clean end cut and to avoid micro-fractured ends due to “snapping” to length or post-fire cutting. Custom profile shapes and sizes can be quoted upon request.

MRI 200 Product Features

  1. High mechanical strength
  2. Thermally compatible with the shell system and attached pouring cup
  3. Suitable for “Equiax” casting process
  4. Over 30 years in continual use


Types and sizes

Consideration of the optimal cup shape solution will first be given to the Thousand Series line of pouring cups which is available without a tooling charge. If a Thousand Series model does not meet your requirement, we will assist with the design/build of the custom pour cup shape for your mold and pouring requirements.

Metric dimensions

6.357.934.756.35 x 15.88

Imperial dimensions

1/4″5/16″3/16″1/4″ x 5/8″

Customized design and production

If the Thousand Series line does not meet your needs, we can help you with a design and manufacture a customized product. Contact us and together we’ll come up with the perfect solution.